DSX Access Systems, Inc.

Advanced Integration Products

These documents provide descriptive operational overviews of the DSX Family of Integration Products.

DSX-L85 Integrated Locksets  The L85 software provides a method to integrate wired and wireless locksets into a DSX Access Control
System. The L85 software leverages itís Virtual Hardware capabilities to accommodate non controller based locks and readers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       DSX-Soft I/O is an open ended universal translator. It will map Inputs and Outputs of other systems to Virtual Inputs and Outputs in the WinDSX System. This allows the full DSX feature set to be used with those virtual points such as Linking, Alarm reporting, Maps, Automatic and Manual Control and Full Visibility. High Level Elevator Control with OTIS or KONE elevators is also a function of DSX-Soft I/O.

DVR/NVRs can now be integrated with WinDSX. This integration allows stored and live video from a DVR/NVR to be accessed within the DSX software. All video is transmitted across a Local Area Network connection. Click here for an updated list of DVR/NVR Manufacturers that are currently supported.

PC Master is a program that allows IP communications to each DSX controller or cluster of controllers as determined by the environment and application.  Each slave controller or cluster of slave controllers have a DSX-LAN serial server for network connectivity. PC Master is a standard offering that comes on every WinDSX and WinDSX SQL Software distribution CD.

EventCast is a program that polls the Comm Server PC for events and routes them to a serial port or an IP address. This is a great integration tool where the system history collected by the DSX Software can be routed to another system for storage, review, and manipulation. 

The DSX DataBase Management API is a document that outlines the use of the DSX Markup Language which allows for the Card Holders to be added, deleted and maintained from another system without compromising the integrity of the database.

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