DSX System Design Guide

System Overview

The WinDSX System is a PC based Building/Facility Management and Monitoring System used to control and monitor personnel and alarm activity. By making extensive use of distributed processing, the DSX System integrates access control, alarm monitoring, elevator and HVAC control, guard tour, time and attendance, and video imaging into a single Windows based system using an ordinary PC.

The WinDSX System is scalable from a single PC to an Enterprise solution. A single PC and single Controller can grow into 999 PCs with thousands of Controllers. With its wide variety of features the WinDSX system is flexible enough to fit almost any application.

Role of Computer

Information is downloaded to the DSX panels using an ordinary PC. For most features the PC is not necessary for panel operation and may be taken off-line once the system information has been downloaded to the panels. The PC is simply used as:

Terminal or Window into the System

History Data Logging Device

Data Manager

The system maintains full feature capability regardless of the style of communications with the PC. Systems with IP Based, dialup modem, and direct USB or Serial Port communications are capable of features such as input-to-output linking, floor select elevator control, anti-passback, HVAC control and lighting control within each location. When the application includes Guard Tour, Real Time Alarm and Activity Monitoring, or a DVR/NVR Interface, the PC must be left on at all times.

Distributed Intelligence

The DSX System provides five different control panels, which offer various combinations of card reader and keypad inputs, relay outputs, and alarm inputs. These panels can be combined to provide the exact number of inputs and outputs required for each application. All DSX panels use a fully distributed architecture with all real-time processing performed at each DSX panel. By distributing all information (time, date, valid codes, access levels, etc.), the DSX System provides significant advantages

Instant response to Card Read or Keypad Entry regardless of system size.

No degradation of system performance in the event of a communication loss. All time zones, access levels, and holiday schedules remain operational.

No loss of transactions for system history files. All panels automatically switch to buffer mode storing up to 25,000 events per panel.

Instead of all processing power being centralized in one computer, it is distributed throughout the system. The processing occurs near each reader, which makes for a much more efficient and secure system.

The WinDSX Software is ideal for multi-location Central Station use as well as single location proprietary use. The multi-user, multi-location capacity allows customers to manage their own building or buildings nationwide from a central location. It also provides opportunities for DSX Dealers to manage multiple locations from their own Central Monitoring Station.

WinDSX and WinDSX SQL are feature rich applications with few differences between them besides the database they attach to. The scalability of WinDSX allows it to go from a small system to a very large. The WinDSX Software is designed to support up to 32,000 separate Locations using a single PC or multiple PCs on a LAN/WAN. DSX defines a group of up to 64 panels (Master and 63 Slaves) as one location. Locations may be combined to create a very large network of panels or may be maintained separately for control of up to 32,000 different locations/ buildings with as many as 128 readers or keypads at each location.

WinDSX is now UL294 and UL1076 listed. Each controller shipment comes with a UL Installation Manual that outlines the requirements for UL compliant systems.