DSX Hardware

Controllers and Communication Devices

Below are descriptions of the Intelligent Controllers, Communication Devices, and Integrated Locksets offered by DSX with links to additional information.

General Hardware Information


DSX Intelligent Controllers are independent processing panels designed to be cost effective building blocks that allow expansion in a scalable manner. Each controller has a different combination of inputs, outputs and reader ports. Up to four 1040 series controllers of any type can be combined in the same enclosure to form a package.

Each Controller operates as a fully intelligent and independent control panel that retains all data necessary for system operation in it’s own RAM. With it’s integral real-time Clock and Calendar it performs Time Zone control with Holiday overrides for inputs, outputs, and cards even when communication to the PC or other controllers is not available.

These Commercial and Industrial rated controllers are strategically placed throughout the customer’s location connected together with a two twisted pair cable. The first or master controller can be connected via LAN, USB, or DialUp Modem and subsequent controllers are then connected using a two twisted pair cable. PC Master software can be used to allow IP Communications with each controller or cluster of controllers over the LAN instead of just the first controller. This keeps wiring from the door to the panel short and keeps the panels in convenient and secure areas. There are several different controllers to choose from depending on the requirements of the job.

Intelligent Controllers


The DSX-1042 Intelligent Controller has two independant reader ports, 8 inputs, 2 relay outputs, 2 open collector outputs, and 2 prewarn outputs.

The DSX-1048 Pkg is an 8 door package using 4 - 1042 Intelligent Controllers in an 8 door enclosure and includes a 1040 PDP integrated power supply.

The DSX-1042 Pkg is a 1042 Intelligent Controller in the 1040E 8 door enclosure with a 1040 PDP integrated power supply. This is the expansion package and could be used where there is a 2 door immediate need with room to add 6 additional doors. The 1042 Pkg can be purchased with additional 1042, 1043, and 1044 Intelligent Controllers.

The DSX-1043 Output Controller is a Controller with 16 Form C relays, 2 inputs, and an Output Override Input.

The DSX-1044 Input Controller is a Controller with 32 inputs, 4 open collector outputs. Each Input supports 2,3, and 4 state monitoring and has a Status LED.

The DSX-1022 Intelligent Controller is ideal where only two readers are required. This small form factor can be used in an elevator control room or parking garage gate controller. It has the same functionality as the DSX-1042 but contains an integral power supply. The DSX-1022 Intelligent Controller has 2 reader ports, 8 inputs, 4 relay outputs, 2 prewarn outputs, built in power supply and battery charger. Transformer and battery sold separate.

We have engineered one of the finest products in the industry. Each of these controllers has been designed for a specific purpose and tested to meet those needs. Choose the controller that fits your needs. All DSX Controllers are designed and built for commercial and industrial use and carry a UL 294 and 1076 listing.

Communication Devices


The DSX-LAN-D Communications Interface Module is an IP to RS-232 / RS-485 Communications translator. The module sits on the network and converts IP communication from the Comm Server to RS-232/RS-485 for controller communications. The unit is typically powered by the controller it is connected to.

The DSX-USB module is an interface that converts USB to RS-232 and RS-485. This module can be connected to any Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC. The drivers for this module can be found on any WinDSX software CD or flash drive.

The DSX-IP-HUB LAN Distribution Module installs at the Master Controller and routes Slave Panel communications via IP to standard LAN modules at each slave controller or cluster of controllers.

Integrated Locksets

Integrated Locksets are support by the DSX in several configurations. Where you only need a few Locksets you can connect them to a DSX Controller using a PIM400TD2. This module allows the connection of 2 AD-400 Locksets to be controlled exclusively from a DSX Controller. Applications requiring a large number of Integrated Locksets use DSX-L85 Software instead of a DSX Controller. DSX-L85 Software Supports AD-300 (wired) AD-400 (wireless) and NDE Series (wireless).