DSX Access Systems, Inc.

 DSX Advanced Integration Partners


Que Accounting Inc. – is a long time partner of DSX and has developed several advanced applications that integrate with the DSX system. Advanced Applications include: Time and Attendance, Job Costing, Visitor Management, Gatehouse Management, Parking Garage Monitor and Count, Trackit Suite, Day Care Security, Session Attendance, and Inventory. www.queacct.com  Click here for a QUE Accounting Cut Sheet.
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Codebench is also the developer of the PIVCheck software suite for compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12). PIVCheck is a PIV/TWIC/CAC/FRAC card validation, authentication and physical access control system (PACS) registration tool.


Indentity One

Identity One is a global biometric solution provider whose solutions are tailored to Access Control, Time & Attendance, Electronic Key Management and Criminal Justice. Identity One now offers  a seamless interface with DSX. This new integration delivers a simple and secure way to migrate DSX users from traditional card based  access control to biometric access control.



EasyLobby®, the industry leader in secure visitor management solutions, has an integration module that seamlessly integrates WinDSX total access control and EasyLobby's SVM (Secure Visitor Management) software


Integrated Biometrics

DSX and Integrated Biometrics have partnered to seamlessly integrate the TRU650 biometric fingerprint reader with the DSX enterprise access control system. Click on the link below for the entire Press Release.



Pelco and DSX Access Systems, Inc. have partnered to provide seamless integration of Pelco advanced digital video recording systems and IP video management software with DSX access control systems. This collaboration provides a solution for the recording, storing and retrieval of video-based intrusion and access control events, allowing stored and live video from Pelco DX Series digital video recorders or the Endura Network Based Video System to be accessed from within the DSX WinDSX or WinDSX SQL software GUI (Graphical User Interface).



SAN CARLOS, Calif. – Jolly Technologies, the world leader in identity software, today announced an integrated visitor management and access control system using Jolly’s Lobby Track and the DSX Access Control System.

The integrated DSX/Lobby Track solution streamlines the registration and credentialing process for a visitor who needs to be issued an access card. Selected visitors are simply assigned an access card and activated. Lobby Track automatically creates an account for these visitors in the DSX system and assigns the appropriate access level and expiration date. Records that need to be deactivated and removed are also managed through Lobby Track.  http://www.jollytech.com