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Card Evaluation / Database Manipulation

DSX provides a suite of services for Dealers and Users. From Top Shelf Training to Expert Technical Support. Each Service is outlined below but, if you do not see what you are looking for, please call us.

Tech Support

The DSX commitment to Quality is continually demonstrated through our Sales and Technical Support provided to our Dealers.

Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to DSX Dealers. Normal support hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday, Central Standard Time.

Contact Technical Support at
(800) 346-5288.

End-users are to contact their local dealer for technical support. Should you need to locate a dealer, contact DSX sales at (888) 419-8353.

To better assist you we have provided a document of:
Frequently Asked Questions.

Software Support Agreement

DSX offers a Software Support Service that can be sold to the End User. The term of service is one (1) year. This optional plan allows the dealer to provide Factory Direct Support to their Customer for Software administration questions only. This support is provided on regular business days, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00AM to 6:00PM Central Time.

For a free quote the dealer or End-User must call DSX Sales and be prepared to register the Software. Price is based on the size of the End-Users DSX system.

Service Support is activated upon receipt of payment and the issuance of a Support Service authentication code.

Dealer Training

DSX offers training classes year round at its corporate office in Dallas Texas. There are three types of DSX Training Classes:

Dealer Training: - Five day class for Dealers and Technicians. This class covers hardware and software and is complete with testing and certification. Classes are at no charge to the dealer. Travel, lodging and meals are at the dealer’s expense.

Advanced Dealer Training: - Technicians that have successfully completed the General Dealer Training are invited back to the advanced training class. Training is at the Dallas office at no charge. Classes are four days and cover advanced features, applications, and programs. Travel, lodging and meals are at the dealer’s expense. Class participants are tested and certified.

Please Look at the Training Section on the Home page for Class Dates and registration information.


Administrative Training

Three day Administrative class. The Administrator class is for anyone but must be scheduled and paid for by a Dealer. Contact DSX Sales at 888-419-8353 to identify a local dealer. 

Administrative Training: – DSX offers a three day Administrative Class in Dallas Texas. The dealer can offer this 3-day class to the end user. There is a charge for this class and it requires that the dealer sponsor the end user by sending one of their employees to the class with the user or endorse the end user class with a written letter. This class covers software only. The class is charged to the dealer and the dealer is responsible for billing the end user. Each day there are specific topics covered with the last 60 minutes reserved for open discussion, special needs and further explanation. The agenda and registration information packet will outline the topics of each day. Please attend all three days or just the days of interest to you. Certificates are only given to those that attend all three days. Cost is the same for 1, 2, or 3 days.

Class Prerequisites:

Dealer Class - View DSX Help/Resource Drive or have recent experience with DSX software. Note /// This should not be your first exposure to DSX or access control in general.

Advanced Dealer Class - requires certification in General Dealer Class

Card Evaluations

DSX will evaluate and test Dealer Supplied Readers and Cards for compatibility and availability at no charge. Cards are returned with detailed report on format and DSX Device Type to use.

DSX will return items freight prepaid using best way determined by DSX. Expedited shipping will be charged to the Dealer using a Purchase Order provided by Dealer.

Database Manipulation

DSX Can assist with your database needs. Import card holders from other systems, add locations to an existing database, merge databases together, and other custom database work.

DSX also supplies a DataBase Management API that allows Card Holders to managed from an external source with all of the same capabilities found in the DSX DataBase program. The API information is found in the Docs folder on the Software CD.

Call DSX Technical Support to get a quote for your database job.