About DSX

Trusted Professionals!

DSX is a privately held corporation with more than 30 years of experience in the Access Control Industry. Our commitment to Quality, Integrity and Reliability have allowed us to develop a global network of authorized dealers that believe in our product. DSX proudly designs and engineers all Hardware and Software products in Dallas,Texas.

DSX Development Team

Forward Progress and Backward Compatibility. These phrases are at the core of our development philosophy. Our team of engineers, both hardware and software, work together daily to move our products forward while preventing the need to ever pull and replace panels for new software to work on a system. The freedom to innovate and our commitment to both personal and structural integrity have allowed DSX to expand our development team while retaining most of our engineers for more than 20 years. The decades of experience with the product have given DSX the unique position of having a team that truly understands both the past and the future.


For Authorized Dealers, DSX provides outstanding Technical Support to our network of Dealers. We understand that questions arise after hours and sometimes they can’t wait until tomorrow. DSX offers training on our hardware and software so that dealers can provide the end user with a certified technician to provide support at the jobsite and DSX backs them up 24/7/365.
After hours emergency support is provided to authorized DSX Dealers at no cost.
For DSX Clients, Software Maintenance contracts are available but NOT REQUIRED. These contracts allow end users to call our Technical Support Team for software support during our normal business hours of 8 am to 5 pm CST. Software Maintenance can be purchased at any time and does not include any back charges or retroactive charges for time without a contract. Our goal is support, not penalties.

  • Scalable Architecture

    DSX has a scalable architecture that can grow from one door to thousands and from one PC to an Enterprise solution. The difference is that you only purchase what you need, where you need it. The system can grow with you without constant incremental expansion up-charges for more doors, people, and client workstation capacities. WinDSX software contains a Site License to allow expansion to continue your growth without additional required software purchases.

  • DSX Hardware

    DSX designs and produces its own hardware. All DSX Hardware is designed, built and tested in Texas. This means DSX is not dependent on a 3rd party company or competitor to produce quality hardware. Our Hardware and Software development teams actually work together for complete solutions.

  • Reliability

    DSX Supports and Repairs most products ever built by DSX. Hundreds of thousands of controllers are in service with less than a .01% return rate. The repair of all products sold in over 30 years does not require a full time repair technician. That is quality you can rely on and reliability you can take to the bank.