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Securing the World One Door at a Time

DSX Intelligent Controllers are independent processing panels designed to be cost effective building blocks that allow expansion in a scalable manner. Each controller has a different combination of inputs, outputs and reader ports. Up to four 1040 series controllers of any type can be combined in the same enclosure to form a package. There are two Door Packages that can have 1-3 more controllers ordered separately and installed to build the package out to meet the requirements. Below are descriptions of the Software offered by DSX. Both the Access and SQL based programs are discussed and there are links to additional information.

DSX-1048 - 8 Door Package

The DSX-1048 Pkg is an 8 door package using 4 - 1042 Intelligent Controllers in an 8 door enclosure and includes a 1040 CDM Communications Distribution Module, and a 1040-PDP integrated power supply. Lock Power Module sold separate.

DSX-1042 2 Door Package

The DSX-1042 Pkg is a 2 door package using 1 - 1042 Intelligent Controller in the 1040E 8 door enclosure with a 1040 CDM Communications Distribution Module and a 1040 PDP integrated power supply. This is the expansion package and could be used where there is a 2 door immediate need with room to add 6 additional doors. Additional 1042, 1043, and 1044 intelligent controllers may be purchased to add to this package. Lock Power Module sold separate.

DSX-1042 2 Door Intelligent Controller

The DSX-1042 Intelligent Controller has 2 independent reader ports, 8 inputs, 2 relay outputs, 2 open collector outputs, and 2 prewarn outputs.

DSX-1043 Intelligent Output Controller

The DSX-1043 Output Controller is a Controller with 16 Form C relays, 2 inputs, and an Output Override Input.

DSX-1044 Intelligent Input Controller

The DSX-1044 Input Controller is a Controller with 32 inputs, 4 open collector outputs. Each Input supports 2,3, and 4 state monitoring and has a Status LED.

DSX-1022 Intelligent 2 Door Controller

The DSX-1022 Intelligent Controller is ideal where only two readers are required. This small form factor can be used in an elevator control room or parking garage gate controller. It has the same functionality as the DSX-1042 but contains an integral power supply. The DSX-1022 Intelligent Controller has 2 reader ports, 8 inputs, 4 relay outputs, 2 prewarn outputs, built in power supply and battery charger. Transformer and battery sold separate.

DSX-1040PDP Power Distribution Panel

The DSX-1040PDP Power Distribution Panel is the supervised power plant for the DSX-1048PKG Intelligent Controller. The DSX-1040PDP houses the panel and lock power supplies and backup batteries. The DSX-1040PDP is comprised of a DSX1040PE enclosure, an RWS-150 15VDC power supply for the controllers, an RWS-150-[15] or [27] for either 12 or 24VDC locks and a DSX-1040PDM Power Distribution Module.

DSX-1040PDM Power Distribution Module

The DSX-1040PDM provides two 12VDC 3.5-amp, Class II, Power Limited, Fused Outputs to power the DSX-1040CDM which distributes the power to the DSX-1042 Controllers in the DSX-1048PKG. It provides a 12VDC Battery Charging Circuit to charge backup batteries for the Controllers. It also provides a charging circuit for the optional batteries used to backup the 12- or 24-volt lock power from the RWS-150 power supply. The Power Distribution Module has outputs to signal Loss of AC and Low Battery. The module also has a Battery Test Input and Load Shed capabilities. The DSX-1040PDM routes Lock Power through individual fuses for each of the 8 outputs. All Outputs are Class II, Power Limited. Each Output has a Fire Override Bypass jumper to exclude it from a Fire Override activation.

12/24 Volt Power Bricks for Panel and Lock Power

The DSX-1040PDP contains an RWS-150 Power Supply that converts 115VAC to 15VDC for Controller Power. Also present is an RWS-150 15/27 Power Supply which converts 115VAC to either 12 or 24VDC for Lock Power. Both Power Supplies feed power to the DSX-1040PDM Power Distribution Module.

DSX-1040 Controller and Power Supply Enclosures

The 18 Ga. steel cabinets are coated with a Black Powder Coat Finish with a White Silkscreen Logo. They come furnished with a lock and key for securing the cabinet against unauthorized personnel. The DSX-Panel Enclosures can be ordered separately just like the Controllers. Purchasing just the enclosures ahead of time allows you to get them installed and run the conduit and wire to each panel location. You can later purchase the controllers when everything else is ready to be installed.

DSX-1040PNV NonVolatile Memory Processor

This is a replacement processor with nonvolatile memory that provides a layer of resiliency to any existing DSX system. The processor will retain its memory and allow a controller to be immediately operational upon power up without the need for a download from the WinDSX Communications Server. The DSX-1040NV Processor can be installed on all DSX-1040 Series and all DSX-1022 Controllers. Once this retrofit processor is installed on the Master Controller, it will become operational on power up and if called upon, will download any subsequent Sub Controllers providing them with the data required to make them fully operational. In addition, this processor can be installed on any or all Sub Controllers in the same Location to provide even further operational resiliency. The 1040NV Processor can be purchased for retrofits of existing systems.

DSX-1020 Single Door Controller

Single Door Controller that can be retrofited into 1021/1020 Enclosures. This Intelligent Controller can be ordered with non volatile memory. It has 8 Supervised Inputs, 2 Form C Relays-Fused, 276+ Card/Keypad Formats including CAC/FIPS/TWIC Cards, UL294 / UL1076. 512K RAM / 512K Flash ROM

  • Warranty

    With respect to any Products, or part thereof, manufactured by DSX, DSX warrants that for a period of two (2) years after the date of shipment, such Products shall be free of any material defects and shall perform substantially in accordance with DSX's specifications therefore. The sole obligation of DSX for any breach of warranty shall be, at its option, either (i) to repair or replace at its expense any such materially defective Products manufactured by it, or (ii) to take back such Products and refund DEALER the purchase price paid for the same. DEALER shall pay all freight, duty, brokers fees, insurance charges and other fees and charges for the return of any Products to DSX under this warranty. DSX shall pay freight and insurance charges for any repaired or replaced Products thereafter delivered to DEALER within the United States.

  • Extended Warranty

    DSX now offers an Extended Warranty for its Hardware. This Extended Warranty expands on the Standard DSX Warranty to include Advanced Replacements and non-weekend Overnight Freight. A 3 year extended warranty can be purchased when the equipment is first purchased adding 3 additional years to the 2 year factory warranty rendering a full 5 Year Warranty. A 5 year extended warranty can be sold at a later time for existing equipment. Extended Warranties are sold and billed through the DSX Dealer and standard discounts apply. Extended Warranties are only sold on equipment purchased, to be installed or installed and operating in the Domestic United States.

Each of these controllers has been designed for a specific purpose and tested to meet those needs. Choose the controller that fits your needs. All DSX Controllers are designed and built for commercial and industrial use and carry a UL 294 and 1076 listing.

Intelligent and Independant

  • Each Controller operates as a fully intelligent and independent control panel that retains all data necessary for system operation in its own RAM.
  • With an integral real-time Clock and Calendar each panel performs Time Zone control with Holiday overrides for inputs, outputs, and cards even when communication to the PC or other controllers is not available.

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