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Below is a list of Communication Devices and Specialy Modules, WebCams and Enrollment Readers.

DSX-LAN-D Ethernet to Serial Adapter

DSX-LAN-D is used to provide local or Wide Area Network Communications between the Comm Server PC and Master Controller. The DSX software is inherently TCP/IP capable and can direct communications to a particular IP address and UDP port.

DSX-IP-HUB Sub Communications Router

DSX-IP-Hub is a module that connects to the Master Controller and to the Network which allows Sub Controller Communication to be routed via IP through the network to standard DSX-LAN modules connected to Sub Controllers or clusters of Sub Controllers.

DSX-USB USB to RS-232/485 Adapter

DSX-USB is a simple yet rugged USB converter. This port powered device connects to any 2.0 USB Port through the supplied cable. The module provides an RS-232 output including DTR and a simultaneous RS-485 4 wire output.

DSX-MCI RS-232 to RS485 Adapter

DSX-MCI is a Single Channel RS-232 to RS-485 Converter for Master or Sub communications.

DSX-1035 Quadraplexor

DSX-1035 Quadraplexor is a protocol independent Master to Sub Star Wiring Hub with 1 RS-232 Input and Output and 1 RS-485 Input and 4 RS-485 Outputs.

DSX-Dial Up Modem

DSX-Dialup Modem is a small and DC powered dialup modem for those Legacy Systems that need it.

DSX-FRB8 Relay Board

DSX-FRB8 Relay Output Module is a fused relay board that provides 8 Form C relay outputs fused at 1A. Each relay has a 1A fuse in line with the common terminal. The module requires a constant +12V and Ground from the DSX-CDM and an open collector negative for activation of each relay typically from output number 2 of a 1042.

DSX-CAC Enrollment Reader

CAC Enrollment Reader is a USB Connected HID PIV Class Reader Programmed by DSX and formatted for DSX SQL. The unit Reads FIPS 201 and CAC Cards and Inserts a 16 digit CHUID in the Code field / 75 or 200 bit. LED flashes and beeps when card is read.

Enrollmment Readers

Standard Enrollment Reader is a USB Connected desktop reader that can read 125KHz or 13.5MHz Cards. The unit is programmed and formatted for DSX. The reader inserts Card Number in Code field and allows for quick and consistent entry of card numbers.

FIPS Enrollment Reader

FIPS Enrollment Reader is a USB Connected desktop reader programmed by DSX and formatted for DSX SQL. It Extracts the CHUID for unique card holder identification and the Expiration Date.

Badging Camera

Badging Camera is a Motorized pan, tilt and zoom USB video Camera with Full HD 1080p and remote control. The remote controls Pan, Tilt and Zoom using Carl Zeiss Optics with 9 point auto focus


DSX-CRT is used to receive a secure IP packet over the customers network and translate it to a Wiegand card read or a pulsed output. The CRT is a gateway for other systems such as Visitor Management, Facial Recognition, Mask Verification, Parking, or other to send a Card Read or Access request or an alarm to DSX.

  • Warranty

    With respect to any Products, or part thereof, manufactured by DSX, DSX warrants that for a period of two (2) years after the date of shipment, such Products shall be free of any material defects and shall perform substantially in accordance with DSX's specifications therefore. The sole obligation of DSX for any breach of warranty shall be, at its option, either (i) to repair or replace at its expense any such materially defective Products manufactured by it, or (ii) to take back such Products and refund DEALER the purchase price paid for the same. DEALER shall pay all freight, duty, brokers fees, insurance charges and other fees and charges for the return of any Products to DSX under this warranty. DSX shall pay freight and insurance charges for any repaired or replaced Products thereafter delivered to DEALER within the United States.

  • Extended Warranty

    DSX now offers an Extended Warranty for its Hardware. This Extended Warranty expands on the Standard DSX Warranty to include Advanced Replacements and non-weekend Overnight Freight. A 3 year extended warranty can be purchased when the equipment is first purchased adding 3 additional years to the 2 year factory warranty rendering a full 5 Year Warranty. A 5 year extended warranty can be sold at a later time for existing equipment. Extended Warranties are sold and billed through the DSX Dealer and standard discounts apply. Extended Warranties are only sold on equipment purchased, to be installed or installed and operating in the Domestic United States.

Each Module has been engineered to work with the DSX System.

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  • Convertors, Adapters, Routers, and Peripherals.