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DSX is a powerful access control system monitoring application that harnesses the power of the Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Both the SQL Server and Microsoft Access versions include DSX Mobile Command, a smart phone application with the power of a workstation. Below are descriptions of the Software offered by DSX. Both the Access and SQL based programs are discussed and there are links to additional information.


Small to Medium Systems with moderate growth using Access. This application typically begins with 1 computer. This one PC operates the entire system. In some cases this system may increase to include up to 3 Client PCs. There is typically one location to start with comprised of one master controller which operates the first two doors. As more secure doors are required additional controllers are simply added to the existing location. In some cases there may be a few more buildings that are added to the system. Each of these is added as a new location usually in the same location group which shares the existing card holders.


Large Systems (for example such as Hospitals, College Campuses, or Large Facilities) with major growth potential using SQL. In this application there is a Comm Server PC for system communications, a SQL Server PC for the shared database, and one or more Client PCs for the actual users of the system such as security and database administrative personnel. Typically these applications start with 10 - 20 doors and grow to 400 doors or more. In these situations there should be a multiple location approach from the beginning of the system construction.

DSX Mobile App

DSX Mobile Command brings the power of the DSX Workstation program to the convenience of a Smart Phone. This Smart Phone application enhances the daily operation of the DSX System. The Mobile Command feature allows the activation of custom predefined commands, the locking\unlocking of doors, control of alarm points and the monitoring of system events from a mobile but secure application. iOS™ and Android™ compatible.