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DSX is a powerful access control system monitoring application that harnesses the power of the Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Both the SQL Server and Microsoft Access versions include DSX Mobile Command, a smart phone application with the power of a workstation. Below are descriptions of the Software offered by DSX. Both the Access and SQL based programs are discussed and there are links to additional information.


Designed for small systems using a Software Embedded Appliance. This application is for 1-32 Doors in a Single Location. No PC or software to install. Browser Based unit comes with a Utility and Instructions. Works with all DSX Controllers.


Designed for small to medium size systems using Microsoft Access and expecting moderate growth. This application typically begins with one computer which operates the entire system but may expand to include 3 PC's. WinDSX systems begin with a single location and master controller which operates the first two doors. As more secure doors are required, additional controllers and locations may be added.


Designed for larger systems with major growth potential using Microsoft SQL. Large facilities with multiple locations, hospitals, college campuses, school districts and airports benefit from a CommServer PC for system communications, a SQL Server PC for the shared database, and one or more client PC's for the security and database administration personnel. WinDSX SQL allows for growth from 10 doors to more than 400 doors. When larger systems are required, system construction should include a multiple location approach from the beginning to provide clarity and ease of use in the future.

DSX Mobile Command (Phone App)

Bringing the power of the DSX Workstation program to the convenience of a smart phone, DSX Mobile Command offers custom predefined commands for system operation. Command options range from locking/unlocking doors and system wide emergency lockdowns to control of alarm points and monitoring of system events. Commands available can be tailored to each individual operator in this mobile but secure application. iOS and Android compatible.

WebCam Badging Camera

Badging Camera is a Motorized pan, tilt and zoom USB video Camera with Full HD 1080p and remote control. The remote controls Pan, Tilt and Zoom using Carl Zeiss Optics with 9 point auto focus. Easy to use for taking Card Holder Photos