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Software Support Aggreement

    DSX offers a Software Support Service that can be sold to the End User. The term of service is one (1) year. This optional plan allows the dealer to provide Factory Direct Support to their Customer for Software administration questions only. This support is provided on regular business days, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM Central Time. For a free quote the dealer must call DSX Sales and be prepared to register the Software. Price is based on the size of the DSX system. Service Support is activated upon receipt of payment and the issuance of a Support Service authentication code.

Virtual Training Academy

    Authorized DSX Dealers may now purchase a DSX 1040 Training Package for certification of an unlimited number of technicians. All contents of the training package, including DSX Hardware and Software, Tech Binder, Reader and Cards are required for certification. The week of in-depth training includes web sessions, instructional videos, and a tech binder with quick reference cards. Certification is achieved through online testing and remote verification of system configurations specified in the course. For more information and Class Registration, email: Training@dsxinc.com

Card Evaluations

    DSX will evaluate and test Dealer supplied Readers and Cards for compatibility and availability at no charge. Cards are returned with detailed report on format and DSX Device Type to use. DSX will return items freight prepaid using best way determined by DSX. Expedited shipping will be charged to the Dealer using a Purchase Order provided by Dealer.

DataBase Manipulation

    DSX can assist with your database needs. Import card holders from other systems, add locations to an existing database, merge databases together, and other custom database work is available. Contact DSX Technical Support for Pricing.

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